Thursday, May 29, 2014

Here and Alive

I am here and alive. I know. It's been awhile. The name of my blog should really explain it all, but it doesn't. Not completely. Nope. Can't blame it totally on mood swings. Not this time.

I would also blame it on lack of time, but that too would be a lie. I have the time. I just chose to do other things. Not that I don't want to blog. I do. It's just when I have a moment to myself, I veg and recoup. To explain why, I have decided to fashion a list.  Easier for me to write and probably easier for you to follow. Trust me, if I typed this out in paragraphs, it would take for ever and get really wordy. In short, it would suck.

Long story short (as humanly possible), I give you:

What I did on my Blog Vacation
(the cliff notes)

  •  I attempted to run two blogs. Twice the pressure to get in here. HA!
  • My eldest was co-morbidly diagnosed with Asperger's a.k.a. High Functioning Autism
  • With new diagnosis came new treatment, therapy, etc.
  • Her condition got more apparent and more of a problem in school
  • She got her first I.E.P.
  • Homework got harder and we spent a lot of time getting it done.
  • Simultaneously, some of my friends starting having their own issues.
  • I had more and more kiddos at my house after school for homework help and daycare.
  • House started looking worse and worse.
  • Hubby lost his job.
  • My girlfriend lost her job.
  • I lost my daycare job because she didn't need me anymore that way.
  • My mom's bf lost his trucking job (temporarily due to health) and is here a lot more than
  • None of them are back to work yet and it has been months
  • The end of the school year is here. Along with it all the end of the year projects.
  • Science fair projects suck.
  • Homework sucks.
  • My daughter is graduating elementary school and will no longer be walking down the block to go to school.
  • Prepping for her to go to another school is scary as hell.
  • Once school is out, both of my girls have their birthday's to celebrate. (3 days shy of 8 years apart. yeay me.)
  • Father's day
  • Hubby and I will be celebrating 14 years together shortly there after  
  • all 3 kids will be home for 3 months and I don't have a plan or money to pull one off
  • The stress from all the above (plus) has thrown off my levels making me very unstable at times.
  • That has led to a med change or too.
  • oh, and eldest has had a few med changes too, hoping to settle her drastic changes in mood and condition.
  • Med changes suck.
  • The mood stabilizer was removed to see if she was indeed Bipolar.
  • She is.
I think that is enough for now.  More later.  Hopefully not months now.


  1. namaste lil cricket lol! I just love it you are a word wizard

    1. Well, thank you girlfriend! You, my dear, or a make up wizard. ; 0)