Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Open Letter to the Crazy Lady Who Thinks ADHD is Curable Through Diet

Excuse me. I am sorry, but your ignorance is showing.

You can not clump everyone together and say it's diet. We have tried ruling out certain foods, we have tried including certain foods, I have tried it all. Then I stopped and accepted it was just my children's genes.

I am Bipolar, my husband has ADHD ( we didn't not realize this until our son was diagnosed. Too many similarities.) There are many family members with Asperger's  (High functioning Autism). Two of my children (if not all 3... My youngest is showing signs) have ADHD.  My son's ADHD is pretty severe and he has a mood disorder. My eldest daughter has all 3: ASPERGER's, ADHD and Bipolar. She calls herself a Trifecta. I thinks she's more like a triple threat!

If you think for a minute, I haven't tried it all, think again.  I too know enough and been through enough. All it has taught me, is that every person's situation is different and to judge others based on your experiences is nothing but ignorance. Diet does not cure true ADHD. It may elevate some symptoms in some people, but not all. And when you stop said diet, it all comes back. Ya. Not a cure.

BTW, some of us have to be "drugged for life" and are very happy said drugs exist. Without them, I would not be alive today. And, Thanks to those drugs, you wouldn't know my illness if you met me. You definitely wouldn't know I was "drugged." And for all that, I am beyond thankful.

So, you go right ahead and go to your expensive doc. Just don't preach about the pharmacy taking all my money. I spend less than you do and my kids are just as happy. But hey, if the diet is working for you? Awesome. To each their own.

Just don't think for minute you know what is best for me and my kids or Joe Blow and his. Because honey? You're clueless.

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