Wednesday, May 15, 2013

I love my children. l love my children. I love my children. Things you chant to keep yourself sane in the midde of the night.

Been awhile.  I know.  Been busy being... *sigh* Bipolar. Well, that and 40, falling apart, and a mom.

Isn't he cute?  This is so me right now.
Can I just adopt him as my mascot?
I am currently in month 3 of the Megace for the precancerous mass thing.  Fun times.  It has put my body and my moods through the ringer. I am not a fan of it.  It has maxed my stressful limits.  And, I am sorry... Bipolars don't do STRESS!!  *breath* If this was for anything other than a "potentially life saving effort" I would have been dead set against taking it anymore.  

In case you are wondering... yes, this blog entry is going to be predominately me complaining.  Sorry.

Well, ok.  I guess I can add something not so "me bitching about me," and more worrying about my kiddos. Caitlin the Bipolar w/ ADHD and Liam, my sweet ADHD boy.  I do have one other, but besides her wild child fits and Diva like demeanor, she hasn't warranted trips to the doctors and doesn't currently take any medication except for the occasional pain med or cough syrup.  Yet.

Caitlin. My sweet awkward Cait is soon to be 11.  Please pick me up off the floor.  11.  Really?  Ugh.  She has been tasting the sweet hormones of preteen hell and has had several med adjustments as a result.  She has also gained some extra poundage due to said adjustments.  She has been craving sweets, secretly snacking, and putting it away like an adult twice her size at dinner time.  She seems have come to a calm spot in her moods as a result though.  She hasn't been losing her scruples over missing specks of dust or verbally exploding at her friends because they looked at her wrong. Thank goodness for that, because it was really starting to become a problem in school.  Never good. Now, if we can just finish the year out with all its last minute "projects," we should be good.

Liam. My sweet boy. I just adore him to bits.  Not that I love any one of my children more than the others, I just seem to have a different kind of relationship with him.  He is my only boy, and was very attached to me for the first 4 years or so of his life. And oh, was soooo painfully shy!  Anyway... he avoided the Bipolar curse, but not his Dad's ADHD. Yeah! *raspberries* Luckily, he is a relatively well behaved boy, otherwise I would think he was being a total butt head here as of late!  He hasn't been doing what he's been told at home or in school.  However, not in a "horrible child" kind of way.  More in a "I totally didn't hear you and I am trying to act like I did and hopefully, I will figure it out from you repeating yourself or showing me" kind of way.  So, being the responsible parent, I took his butt to get his ears checked.  I mean it's possible he just isn't hearing people.  Nope.  Ears are fine. Middle ears are ok. No fluid.  Ear drums look good.  Test was aced.  Ok... so, ADHD issue?  Really?  Yup. Apparently, he gets so involved in the conversations around him and his own thoughts, that he totally misses what is being said, even when the person is right in his face saying it.  Wow.  Needless to say, he has a med change in his very near future.  And glasses.  Because apparently, he can't see either.  Fun times.

As for the baby... *sigh* There aren't enough nap times in the world. Honestly.  How soon can you put a kid on melatonin?  Ugh.


  1. I've been there! It will pass.....promise!

    1. Thank you, Claire. I know it will, but it really helps to hear it from someone who has made it. Thanks again!! :0)