Saturday, May 25, 2013

Do They Have Overnight Camp for 3 Day Weekends?!?

"Happy Memorial 3 Day Weekend, Y'all!!" I say with a forced smile on my face. Inwardly, it's more of a high pitched scream with a major sense of panic mixed in. 

Why, you ask?

My 3 children.  My 3 beautiful, sweet, caring, screaming, fighting, overly sensitive, ready-to-throw-down-over-the-remote, "Mom, he's touching me!", "No! Bugga, that's MINE!", "MINE! MINE! MINE!"... children. Don't get me wrong. I love them. Truly, I do. I just can not stand the close to constant bickering and fighting. 

Sometimes, they get along.  Sometimes, the thing that irks me isn't the bickering.  It's the boredom.  Not MY boredom! Theirs! "Mom, I'm bored."  "Mom, there's nothing to do," which really means "You banned us from the TV and all other electronic devices and we don't know what to do now." And they NEVER like the options I give them: go outside and get some sun before people think you're vampires... play with your sadly neglected toys before I give them to that poor kid down the block who only has dirt to play with...  clean your room so your baby sister doesn't get lost again... Somehow, they think I am suddenly going to come up with this fantabulous plan that's going to blow their minds away and occupy their entire afternoon and instill them with fond filled memories they will look back on for years to come.  *sigh* Honestly, it's like they've never even met me.

There are times, once in a great while, they not only get along, but they also come up with the greatest ideas. They once made a museum, complete with featured art made by themselves, and charged admission for a tour. (we scored free tickets) They created a restaurant drive through using a box, 2 cans and some string. I have pictures of that somewhere. Right now, they are playing water park with the dollar store sprinkler attached to the hose outback. They are laughing and truly enjoying each other's company. I like moments like that.

It's the moments they're crying and screaming at each other because someone looked at someone wrong, that make me wish there was an affordable 3 Day Memorial Weekend Kid's Overnight Camp!

Not that I would do it.  Just sayin'.

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