Thursday, February 6, 2014

Back from Beyond the Blues

Hi all. 

I know. I've been MIA for... ever.  Confession? I was truly thinking about closing this blog down. Lack of interest on MY part. I suck at blogging.  No big surprise there.  But then I saw the blog stats. Wow. It has had a lot of traffic for being so small. And no surprise. Bipolar Disorder is a hot topic lately. Either you have it, you know someone with it, you saw it on TV, or your favorite character now has it. Stigma is being fought against a lot here lately and I am thrilled.

Well, about that at least. Otherwise, I have been a hot roller coaster of a mess. Why? The Holiday Blues. THEY SUCK!!  Add in any external stress and... BAM! You. Are. Screwed.  So, here it is February and I am still takin' sick days to recoup. Ok. Months. The last 6 or 8 months have been one wild ride. I will so spare you the details.

Ok. I lie. I will share some. That's what blogs are for, right? Right.  I don't want to overwhelm you though, so how about some bullet points? I like bullet points. :0)
  • New Diagnosis In the House! My beautiful bipolar child mentioned a previous post? Turns out, she is also mildly Autistic. Asperger's, actually. Although, it is no longer called Asperger's. It is now called "High Functioning Autism." I have mixed feelings on that. I will save that nugget for a whole new post.
  • My Body Tried to Kill Me. Twice. No, really! Well, ok. My endometrium tried first with the almighty C word. Then, when that didn't work, my uterus got pissed and took a stab at it. After 9 or more bags of donated blood a week or so vacation a la hospital and bonus hysterectomy, all is well.  By the way, if you donate blood? Thank you.  No, really. I mean it.
  • "Toddler Terror" is Taking on a Whole New Meaning. My cute little toddler is now 3 and ... wow. Can we say "Diva?" Big time. She is the first child of mine to be so dramatic that I have seriously been concerned about the Bipolar gene being present. She is brilliant, but boy, does she have an anger streak! We have already started teaching coping skills to this one.  Ya. It's like that. Again, a nugget for another day.
  • Wait. The Recession is Over?!? Say's Who?!? My beloved S.O. went from "permanently" employed and promoted to a manager, to unemployed due to cut backs (just after Christmas. of course.), to temporarily employed as a fill in for someone on leave, to unemployed because THEY were cut. Fun times. Not.
  • The Boy is a Very Happy Camper. My 8 year old son finally is free of his leg braces. He was a toe walker and has been in braces or about a year and a half.  A year and half of whining about doing his stretches. A year and half of complaining about how the braces feel/fit/look funny. A year and a half of pulling him from school for physical therapy and orthotic appointments. Thank God for insurance. Those braces weren't cheap! Especially with a boy who breaks everything just looking at them. ADHD. Need I say more?
I am sure there is a lot more to say. Nuggets.  Lots of nuggets. Even more reason to stay around. Or at least attempt to. Keep in mind this IS a Bipolar blog written by a Bipolar. A very unorganized, chaotic, Mom of 3, well caffeinated, Bipolar.  Yes, I know being Bipolar has very little to do with me being a flake, but hey... Go with it.

Or at least I hope you do.  I will promise to post again.  If you promise to come back.  No time restrictions. Just a mild commitment with out any strings. Deal?  ;0)

~ KidLit  ;0)


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