Monday, March 4, 2013

A Happy Bipolar Mess

Hey there my silent readers.  I'm back.  I'm still here and I'm feeling much better now.  I know in my last post I was a bit.... stressed.  Still am... a bit.   However, I am happy and making the best of it.  All is well. 

Ok, I still have a few more previously published posts from my other blog I would like to share with you.  Here are a couple about my (now 10 year old) daughter and fellow Bipolar happy mess.  She is currently going through preteen changes and may need a bit of a med adjustment. Why do I say that?  Oh, maybe because she came to me today and said, "When do we seeing (my doctor) next? I am having problems controlling my anger.  And my giggling."  That is my girl, y'all!!!  *sigh* That's what I aimed for!!  Self  Recognition and Realization!!  I didn't get good at that until... well... I'm STILL not good at that!  *beams with pride*  Love it!

"I have two pants on!": The other night, my eldest daughter came in to us because she had a nightmare. As usual, she couldn't remember what it was about, but she was visually shaken. And shirtless.... The next morning, we were in the kitchen making breakfast when she looked down and exclaimed "I have two pants on!" When I asked her why, she responded "I don't know."

Portrait of a Beautiful Bipolar Child: My daughter gets her diagnosis.

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